Guest lecture: How to become an open source systems engineer?

Written by Rodrigo Siqueira

It is with great joy that we continue the cycle of professional lectures presented by several professionals who work with free software on a daily basis. This time we will have Lucas Kanashiro from Collabora.

We’re glad to have Collabora’s open source system engineering, Lucas Kanashiro, with the lecture “How to become an open source systems engineer?”.

When Friday, March 8, 2019, at 2pm
Where IME-USP, CCSL, CCSL Auditorium (downstairs)

About the speaker

Lucas Kanashiro is a software engineer at Collabora, currently working on open source systems integration. Lucas is a Debian Developer and contributes with free software in general. Also, he hopes to be a former master’s student in computer science at IME / USP soon :)

About the lecture

Joining free software communities is not an easy task at first glance, you have to learn about the community’s behavior, understand the software you want to contribute, and have to insert yourself into the community workflow; i.e., there are many challenges. Knowing all of this issue, Lucas Kanashiro will share his journey from academia, passing through his involvement as an active member of the Debian project and ending with his current position as an open source systems engineer. Finally, he will discuss a little about the last challenges in his short journey as a software engineer at Collabora.

Note: The lecture will be presented in portuguese.

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