In this page you can find all projects FLUSP actively contributes to. We work in a very descentralized way, meaning each project and their members are responsible for their own structure and organization.

Each project has a list of contributors and mentors. Contributors are FLUSP members that actively add, remove and review code. Mentors are the contributors with the most knowledge of the project. Every contributor is expected to help newbies, but mentors are especially suited for this, as they are the ones with the most experience. Mentors are also responsible for reviewing code if a patch is left in wait for review for too long. This position is temporary, and mentors should always be ready to “hand over the baton” once a non-mentor contributor has shown to be capable and willing to take these responsabilities.

Below you can find a list of projects we are currently actively contributing to. If you wish to start contributing with any one (or more) of these projects, send an email to moc.spuorgelgoog@psulf (the email address is obfuscated) with the subject prepended with the tag [PROJECT NAME] and let us know!