What is FLUSP?

We are a group of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of São Paulo (USP) that aims to contribute to free software (Free/Libre/Open Source Software - FLOSS) projects. We invite you to read more about us and to take a look at our main achievements so far.



An introduction to the Linux graphics stack

Unless you’ve run into a terrible problem with your GPU, I bet you never spent some time actually thinking about how we depend so heavily on graphics to actually do anything meaningful1 on a computer: from small square blinking letters on a terminal to the utmost insanely complex games we play these days - in the context of Linux, it all depends on the DRI!

  1. A small disclaimer: of course there are many disabled people which need other methods of interaction with a computer that don’t rely as heavily on graphics, and I do think it’s a huge problem that we don’t have alternatives for those people in a large majority of cases, as most software does not give the lightest thought to the vision impaired. I should talk more about this in the future but, for now, please don’t forget it’s an existing issue that needs addressing! 

About Kernel Symbol Table, Compilation, and more

This week I was planning on talking about Device Mocking with KUnit, as I’m currently working on my first unit test for a physical device, the AMDGPU Radeon RX5700. I would introduce you to the Kernel Unit Testing Framework (KUnit), how it works, how to mock devices with it, and why it is so great to write tests.