Guest lecture: Continuous Integration with Linux Kernel

Written by Marcelo Schmitt

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We are celebrating our third talk from free software developer by announcing a lecture by Charles Oliveira from Linaro.

This time we will be privileged to have Linaro’s software engineer Charles Oliveira, talking about “Kernel CI and Free Software Career”.

When Tuesday, April 26, 2019, at 2pm
Where IME-USP, CCSL autitorium

About the speaker

Charles Oliveira holds a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Brasília. He started his open source career at college as a member of the new Brazilian Public Software Portal. Afterward, he worked with code static analysis for security at NIST, USA, for four years. In 2018 he was hired by Linaro Systems Laboratory group, where he works assisting the development of a continuous integration reporting platform.

About the lecture

The concept of Continuous Integration (CI), has been disseminated in several software projects through Travis, CircleCI, Jenkins, among others. Integration usually happens at the application level, where packages and programs are installed to ensure that the final application is being built correctly. When integration also involves the operating system and specialized software for embedded systems, complexity changes focus. This talk covers how low-level continuous integration takes place on the Linaro infrastructure and why it is essential.

Note: The lecture will be presented in portuguese.

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